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Little Princess Initiative

The Little Princess Foundation: A School Of Social Etiquette For Young Girls seeks to equip young disadvantaged girls across the world with the social, academic, and technological skills that are needed in order to become women of royalty.  Our  goal is to empower the youth to reshape and refine their lives by giving them the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to survive opposition, celebrate identity, and advocate love through the law of reciprocity.  We strive to convert real-life adverse circumstances by providing a place where our youth will be equipped with life tools for the real world, without such, they are not ready.


Royals For Life

Royals for Life takes a holistic approach to educating and mentoring the population we work with. Royals for Life is a six-week program that is offered to disadvantaged and low-income boys and girls through after-school programs three times per year. This program consists of training in social etiquette, financial literacy, technology, and goal setting in order to help these boys and girls reach their full potential and face life as confident, independent, responsible, and prepared adults.


Prince Academy

Our male program is comprised of the same principles as Little Princess Initiative, yet targeting these principles to the needs of today’s young men.


Project Renewal

This comprehensive project module is an intense, all-inclusive prevention / intervention program intended to meet two goals: (i) to provide parenting solution skills to parents and care-takers, and (ii) to identify at risk indicators (among targeted teenage groups) and address those areas with kinetic, proactive modules.  These modules allow the participants to actively and emotionally explore positive alternatives and perceptions that will enable the participants to be productive citizens of both their community of adjudication and the community at large.  This investment in behavior modification will allow the participants to have practical tools that can be used in their daily lives to effect positive change and position them for greater success.

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